Tantra Healing Massage

Tantra Healing Massage

Tantra healing massage is a magical, pure and authentic healing to purify and energize the body.

Tantra healing massage is NOT a sexual, erotic service for fulfilment of sexual desires and fantasies.

Regine massages both men and woman. We don’t do couple massages. 

Before you can book a massage, we ask you to read this information carefully. We also ask you to watch this presentation about tantra healing massage.

What can you expect?

It’s a full body massage with essential oil to relax and improve the energy flow in the body. To achieve this we use pranic and sexual energy. During the healing massage we bring these energies from the lower chakra’s to the higher ones.

What can it give you?

Authentic tantra healing massage has a healing effect for the body and mind. It gives more vitality, greater clarity, joy and peace of mind.

It can remove toxins, blockages and impurities in the body. In that way it stimulates the immune system and improves your wellbeing.

Authentic tantra healing massage can remove sexual blockages and is suitable for working with impotency and premature ejaculation. It can intensify the orgasmic pleasure.

Activation of the chakra’s by tantra massage gives a short term improvement. Repeating in combination with yoga and a healthy lifestyle gives a long term change.

What about massage of the genitals?

In tantra we perceive the sexual organs, both male and female, as a very rich source of energy.  We are aware that emotional blockages are mostly  located in the genital area. This means that the powerful sexual energy stagnates in the body, which then leads to stagnation in life.

It is for these reasons that in tantra  healing massage we don’t ignore this area. Massage of the genitals can be a deeply therapeutic part of the massage.

But it’s NOT a necessary part of it!

There has to be enough energy flow in the body before a massage of the genitals is recommended. Therefore the therapist decides during the massage whether to give the genital massage or to postpone it.

We assure you that the client can decide at any time not to receive a genital massage.

It’s crucial that the client feels comfortable during the whole treatment!

How can you prepare yourself?

  • Avoid smoking and using alcohol for one week before a tantra healing massage. This is very beneficial for the effect of the energy work.
  • Take a shower before you come to the massage. It’s not possible to take a shower at Benesso before we start. After the massage you can remove the oil with warm water and towels.

Who is the massage therapist?

I’m Regine and I’m a tantra massage therapist. I have recieved  my training at the international ‘Somananda Tantra School’ in Talinn and ‘The Alchemy of Living’ in Edinburgh.

Tantra is so much more than a massage for me. It is a lifestyle, a way of being that I am aware of 24 hours a day.

I practice Tantra Hatha Yoga,  and I studied several topics from a tantric perspective including tantric sexuality and the art of dying.
It is a blessing that I can use this knowledge and experience in treating clients through a tantra healing  massage. I massage both men and women.

Tantra Healing Massage



€ 200 / 1 person