Coaching challenges you to grow in trust power relaxation connection


We believe that our whole being is a combination of our mind, body, heart and soul. So our body and mind are inextricably linked. In fact, they constantly influence each other.

When one or more of these domains are under pressure for a long time, an imbalance arises. You feel unhappy, restless, life is challenging you. 

If you would like to change this situation, we recommend you pay attention to all four areas of your being.

No ready-made answers are given in coaching. Together we will search for the POWER IN YOURSELF. It gives you the necessary oxygen to deal with changes.

Coaching supports you and challenges you to make personal or professional goals as concrete and achievable as possible.

In Benesso we offer coaching for different target groups. 

Kikos Trees

Children each have their own strength!


In child coaching I start from the needs of the child and together we look for tools that are feasible for the child. It’s not the intention to make the child dependent on the coach by giving all kinds of advice.

In child coaching we focus on the learning process of the child itself. We think together with the child about what is possible and what is feasible. We provide the child with coat hooks so that they can continue on their way.

A child coaching program:
  • A first contact: this can also be done by phone or email.
  • Consultation: interview with the parents.
  • The coaching program: runs over 3 to 5 sessions.
  • Conclusion: an evaluation meeting with the parents.
  • If desired, further sessions can be given for support.

Coaching on empowerment

I choose every moment to breathe

with awareness in the now

in respect for my body

trusting my feelings

in love with my thoughts

in harmony with my Inner Self.


Our whole being is a combination of our mind, body, heart and soul. In ‘Coaching on Empowerment’ we focus on all four of these domains so that change becomes possible. Breathwork is the primary key throughout the whole program. 

A coaching program:
  • We start with a consultation to determine the goals.
  • Then we plan several sessions which take 1 hour to 1.30 hour each. We find out together what you need to realise your goals. We don’t analyse the past, we work toward the future. 
  • The number and frequency of the sessions is different for everyone and is determined together with you. After 3 sessions you can already feel a clear difference.


Aliento. Breathe… always curious what life brings.


When you have been diagnosed with cancer, your life suddenly takes on a different perspective. You are confronted with your vulnerability. You are overcome by many questions and feelings.

This applies if you yourself are confronted with a serious illness. But it also applies if someone in your family or your closest circle of friends receives such a diagnosis.

Aliento (breath) wants to provide new oxygen through coaching to change or deal with change.

A coaching program:

During the coaching, questions and feelings that you struggle with are given a place and your strength is sought to deal with this radical change in your life.

You should not expect ready-made answers, but in a number of conversations you will gain more insight and clarity about how best to deal with your situation and questions.

All coachings

1 to 1.30


€ 60 / session